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13 October 2014
When faced with a patient complaint in relation to an unfortunate and obvious medical mistake, sometimes the most wanted course of action by a patient is to hear the physician say the word “sorry”.
18 July 2014
Welcome to the July edition of the Hong Kong Medical Law Brief.
7 July 2014
Welcome to the July 2014 edition of the Personal Injury and Fatal Accident Brief.


17 October 2014
The race is well underway to enact the provisions required to set up the Independent Insurance Authority (IIA) and transition to the new insurance regulatory regime in Hong Kong.
25 July 2014
The Court of Appeal in Hong Kong has confirmed the new approach to applying the discount rate in order to ascertain the appropriate multiplier and assess damages for future losses.
18 July 2014

Adopting the landmark decision of Chan Pak Ting (2013), the Hong Kong Court of Appeal has confirmed the new approach to selecting the appropriate discount rate for assessing damages for future losses.

Análisis de jurisprudencia

13 May 2014

On 7 May 2014, the SFC issued a press release and statement of disciplinary action in respect of Kaiser Securities Limited and Kaiser Futures Limited (collectively, “Kaiser”).

13 May 2014
On 9 May 2014, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (“ASIC”) and the Australian Federal Police (“AFP”) arrested and charged two men in connection with allegations of insider dealing, money laundering, bribery and abuse of public office.
19 August 2013
In 2009 we discussed the UK House of Lords decision in Stone & Rolls v Moore Stephens and the application of the ex turpi causa principle. To recap, that case involved a negligence claim by a company against its former auditors for damages.


18 November 2014
Kennedys is excited to be hosting an exclusive International Claims Conference.