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24 October 2014
Welcome to the October edition of Liability Brief.
On 1 October 2014, the latest stages of the Government’s work on compensation claims took effect. The fees medical professionals can charge for preparing an initial whiplash injury report are now fixed at £180.
13 October 2014
When faced with a patient complaint in relation to an unfortunate and obvious medical mistake, sometimes the most wanted course of action by a patient is to hear the physician say the word “sorry”.
8 October 2014
Welcome to Workplace Wrap – the workplace law news service for busy people. No long case notes, just the things you need to know.
2 October 2014
Welcome to this edition of Medical Law Brief.
The NHS Litigation Authority (NHS LA) has announced a mediation service will be available to help support patients, their families and the NHS resolve claims.
25 September 2014
Welcome to this month’s issue of Insurance Brief.
In this edition, we report on a Court of Appeal decision concerning private nuisance claims which has the potential to lead to a significant increase in such claims.

Latest articles

29 October 2014
The race is well underway to enact the provisions required to set up the Independent Insurance Authority (IIA) and transition to the new insurance regulatory regime in Hong Kong.
22 October 2014
When a claimant is injured overseas, decisions over the jurisdiction and applicable law can fundamentally affect how a claim is managed and, more particularly, the level of damages awarded.
10 October 2014
Cases brought under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 are increasing. Over the last year a number of cases have been heard in court including some notable successfully defended cases.
3 October 2014
The usual length of time for a Ministry of Justice (MoJ) consultation period is 12 weeks. The time allowed to respond to the latest set of proposals was a mere four weeks and closed yesterday.
30 September 2014
A round up of recent court decisions raising issues relating to complications following surgery, Down’s syndrome, judgment in default, out-of-hours hearings and pressure sores.